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Graceful Terrace with Wall Flower Garden

Gneiss, a locally sourced stone, was selected for this project for its durability and aesthetic appeal because this is a dominant feature within the landscape. Along with the gracious stone terrace, we designed garden container spaces with inspired small plantings that provide a simple, sustainable, easily maintained garden.

Quiet Garden

The plant group in this garden, a combination of vivacious peonies and the ever-graceful astilbe, was selected as a balance to the native species. The inspiration for this garden space came from the simple placement of garden chairs under the apple tree canopy on a hot summer day. The result is a quiet space that is not only comfortable to be in but, as with all garden spaces we design and install, is easy to sustain and maintain. The stone used for the sitting area and path came directly from the foundation of a barn on the property -- repurposing at its best.

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Bees and Butterflies in the Corporate World

This project was designed with multiple objectives. We wanted to create an environment that contributed to the community at the headquarters of the National Life Group, and, of course, to the environment we ALL share. (Really shouldn't every project strive to accomplish that?) The outcome was a garden design that everyone can enjoy and benefit from. The plants selected for the gardens encourage pollination, attract butterflies, and bring enjoyment and beauty to NLG community.