LiveScape designs and builds custom outdoor living spaces suited to the people who live in them. 

Our company was established in 2008 as a landscape design and build service. We approach each design project as a unique opportunity to create an outdoor space or feature that both meets the client’s needs and adds beauty to the natural environment. Every project begins with a discussion about what the client envisions. We design for sustainability and aesthetics.


We design gardens to express people's personality and what they value in their outdoor living spaces. 


We have extensive experience designing and building with stone, an element that last for generations. 



Our design process starts
with you.

Creating Gardens

With each garden LiveScape designs, we take the time to hand select all of the plant material and prepare the soil. We follow through in caring for the garden completely for the first season. Continued maintenance may also be arranged.


The craft and art of stone work is to last for generations. Each project that LiveScape designs and builds provides an enduring element to the landscape. We consider every detail of the feature, whether it is a simple walk to the front door or multi-tiered wall-garden. We consider the type of stone and how it harmonizes with the surrounding landscape.


The process of design starts from a very simple approach — a discussion. We learn how you live and work on your property. This simple approach influences the initial sketches, plant, and material selection of the design. We welcome the opportunity to meet with you.